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new account

2013-11-11 18:39:28 by jabmoreno


I beez in the mountain

2013-11-10 15:40:39 by jabmoreno

my new vidder


2013-10-24 17:55:49 by jabmoreno

new mashup album

2013-10-21 21:35:29 by jabmoreno

so by popular demand (not here but other sites) i made another mashup, and unlike my previous album, this one consists mostly of new mashups i made specifically for this album instead of archiving past mashups i made.
i hope you enjoy, for i personally think these are better then the ones on my old album

new mashup album

vid i made with ZTV news

2013-10-11 21:11:33 by jabmoreno

birthday present for a friend who is a huge fan of zone, forgot to put it on here

my new mashup album

2013-09-29 19:52:35 by jabmoreno

a gathered album of my most liked mashups from 2012-2013 now in an album, enjoy

my new mashup album

The King of my Castle Collab

2013-09-06 15:12:06 by jabmoreno

ytpmv collab i hosted

wanna cuddle in the night?


2013-03-17 06:46:02 by jabmoreno

i like dick

2013-02-17 10:16:11 by jabmoreno

my 4th youtube account got terminated, youtube is amazing
my new chan