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heh, hey man haven't spoke to you in a while, how you been doing?
glad to see you're still making sprite animations, reminds me of the good ol' days on newgrounds/albinoblacksheep, keep it up and hope we can talk more

jackbliss responds:

Hey buddy yeah its been a while. I'm doing great how are you. I miss the good old days too. I'm on Facebook a lot so anytime you wanna chat just add me at facebook.com/santhoshchris or my gmail santhoshchris@gmail.com. Take care! :)

hey man, we haven't spoke in ages, glad to see you're still making animations, keep it up

Emrox responds:

Heeeey I remember ya!

flash movie of 2011

i cried tears of joy

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i dunno

i'll give you a 7 for the fact that it's 3D. but the controls are pretty hard to deal with. i keep falling off due to 2-second delays of turns and breaks. but all in all, once the controls are fixed, i'm sure it'll be a great game!

not bad but not great

at least you have the correct information but it would be nice if you had an option of turning the music off. i love nintendo but im not a big fan of their music anyways the questions can be the same but maybe add some pretty pictures in the background next time? lol

TheGuyWithHair responds:


i dunno

i give you a three for the quality of the flash but i really don't see the fun of just guessing colors and hoping for the best. perhaps make it like 20 questions and ask the game for hints. just my opinion

JernoBill responds:

When I play the game I do not hope for the best. I know how to mix the colors, so there is the competition.

But I accept your opinion. Thank you for your review. :)

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why such a low score? i can't stop listening to this!

the best song ever made

need i say more?

that was actually really good

i dont know who the hell is voting 0 but i vote 5/5 cuz i actuall HAVE a Heart And soul and i'm tasting yours (not to be creepy just going along with the title lol)

Synth-Nine responds:

Rock on Brah!
If your interested I am actually leaving newgrounds cause im tired of all these children and 4chan trolls infesting my work so I am going to be moving to soundcloud for my audio submissions. At least people there have respect. Its just a smaller community. Anyways Thank you VERY much I greatly appreciate your comment. Made my bad day feel alot better!

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i like the way he looks and you make the shading look easy great job!


im guessing a man got killed and got removed from the scene but they didn't clean the blood and the killer made a crack on the fence to escape and wild dogs came and tore him apart and his body parts fell on top of the fence to leave those blood stains on top of the fence then a couple fell in love with the color of the blood and literally painted the town red. am i right?


putting a picture on top of another picture is not art that's called "not" art

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