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New Mashup

2012-12-30 09:15:07 by jabmoreno

New Mashup

2012-12-12 15:15:57 by jabmoreno

It's Easier to Fap

2012-12-02 12:12:47 by jabmoreno


so back from 2010-2011 i've set a horrible rep on this website, so i left, but i want everyone to think different of me, i changed, i now like to make YTPMVs and other vids and i just want to see if i can redeem myself with them
since my second youtube account also got terminated, i have a new one which you can find here
Here are my best vidsin my opinion: (Troll Vid But i Still Like It)
People seem to also think i make amazing mashups, so here are the ones that are public:
I've made a lot more on my past accounts but i dont feel like reuploading them all so ehh
anyways i hope you guys think different of me :)

Account is Being Cleaned

2012-09-21 10:20:26 by jabmoreno

so im done with being a sarcastic troll making un-serious content to make people mad (which worked the past 1 1/2 years) my youtube account got terminated and i made a new one which can be found here i wanna make serious content now, but i dont wanna make flash, ill try to get my scanner to work and submit some of my anime drawings and hopefully i can submit more mashups since YTPMVers really love them. well for now i hope you guys can start over with me and think of me better than before :)

at least done with all the troll, and/or non-serious flash and art. ive completely moved myself to the YTP and YTPMV shit, aka the community newgrounds probably hates the most...sorry. but i have found myself more accepted there. so goodbye, at least for now....

ive been trying to remove a song from my audio but i dont know how of where it is, i need some help please

hi tux

2012-06-08 21:09:06 by jabmoreno


a YTPMV collab hosted by me ;) please check it out!

Havent Been That Active Lately

2012-03-29 23:47:39 by jabmoreno

sorry im not here that much to share shitty flashes and such, just been in the YTPMV community, but im TRYING to get here more often :P