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zero, if you're reading this, i unbanned you so we can all hear your response.

now normally i dont have a problem with people trolling me, especially ones who suck at it, but he has gone much farther my friends. MUCH FUCKING FARTHER. I Can't Believe one art review can affect 3 months of your life and counting ever since i reviewed his art, i was his biggest target. he sucks at insults, but he replaces them with far more horrible things. one, he zero bombed all, my, hard made, art. i can understand him 0 bombing my flash, but my art i actually work on. then we started arguing on youtube, then the next day, he put my facebook pictures on his channel. if you click on his channel, DO NOT CLICK HIS WEBSITE!!!! its a virused site that has a lot of pop-ups to download porn. it took me two days to clean out my computer of elder porn. as we argue on youtube, he calls me gay when he favorites the gayest videos on youtube, and he is also a lemon party spammer. he calls me butthurt when he deletes all my comments telling that those pictures are me. all my friends tried to help me out then he got 2 on his side. his reviews get removed from my work all the time and he just comes back. one of my friends told me that they PM'd each other and he said he is creepy as fuck. he's been banned so many times out of the portal it's unbelievable. omg if he just removed my pictures i wouldnt care what he did ever again! he better pray to the lord we never meet in person. i would kill that fucker that i would get arrested and executed. he says my videos are unoriginal and his is. yes my videos are unoriginal but thats because im a parody person. im not planning to become famous. all his videos are stolen and the only videos he made are just those stupid ass google search videos. for all i know this might encourage him. but i dont care, im just getting my word out

Zero2562130 is the biggest faggot in newgrounds history

I'm on Drake's Brony List

2011-08-11 19:21:13 by jabmoreno

now my life's complete

I Wish...

2011-08-10 21:12:07 by jabmoreno

i wish someone can buy me garry's mod

4 years old piece of shit that heats up so much i bet i can cook a fucking egg on it

wooooow i was playing TF2 and i was on blue team, i get switched to red and 5 seconds later we fucking lost. rly can you mods wait 5 fucking seconds? also you banned someone from going down the basement killing people as a soldier when 5 other people went down there as heavy? AND some stupid ass spy kept disguising as me and they got mad at me for 'friendly fire' really? one, friendly fire wasn't on. two, sniper has a machete. not a fucking pocket knife

dumbfucks :)

oh the beauty of .png files!

2011-08-05 12:32:08 by jabmoreno

thanks chdonga!

did they dies?

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2011-08-03 22:09:22 by jabmoreno


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2011-08-02 23:15:46 by jabmoreno