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2011-10-02 14:44:06 by jabmoreno


Why I Hate Twilight Sparkle

2011-10-01 21:40:54 by jabmoreno

troll me

Some Highscore Gameplay Vids

2011-10-01 02:10:53 by jabmoreno

Sexy Pinkie Pie

2011-09-29 18:38:49 by jabmoreno

some stupid vid i made:

Returning With a Dubstep Mix

2011-09-22 22:53:37 by jabmoreno

so i decided to come back and i have a new song that will hopefully make you guys forgive me for all my other half-assed tracks: /447071

im leaving

2011-09-11 11:18:04 by jabmoreno

im probably gonna be done with this place for quite a while but while im gone you can find me here:
Celestia's Chosen Group (DA)

I am Zucchini Soup

2011-09-05 10:59:06 by jabmoreno

this newspost is for kittysoup to verify that i was a soup in the old forums so here i am. he probably already knows ever since our argument on my little pony

our group was somewhat unoticed in our chats and what not and they needed someone to make a promo video for them and i volunteered. here's the video

everyone loved it i went from member to an admin (i think) and i even had a journal post deticated to me i've never really felt more love online ever

Im a guard for Celestia's Chosen Group on Deviant ART