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MikeyS9607 removed his video of me

2011-07-05 23:34:15 by jabmoreno

awwww did we make you cwy?
#EDIT# lol never mind he made it unlisted but i still have the link so click here

he disabled his comments and ratings though (RWJ COPIER)

A Firework Landed on My Roof

2011-07-04 23:13:26 by jabmoreno


ever since i watched this my thoughts of south park changed (kinda)

well, the 15th season completely sucked anyway

What's The Deal....

2011-07-02 21:03:23 by jabmoreno

what's the deal with MLP?!

eddache said it would be cool if someone made a music video for His Eddsworld Remix so i decided to give it a go. it actually turned out pretty nice here's the finishing touch:

hope eddache and eddsworld likes it!

new profile picture

2011-07-01 15:20:35 by jabmoreno

joinen the fad finally

yea just decided to do it again

Minecraft is Boring as HELL

2011-06-28 13:56:11 by jabmoreno

i played for 10 minutes.... i closed the window and drowned myself in a tub

Minecraft is Boring as HELL

i lost my job today

2011-06-25 22:50:46 by jabmoreno

oh well

half of them were voted helpful and some fagoula voted useless on all of them